About Us

It makes us proud to have been given the opportunity to supply a quality product to the public from our suppliers in Italy. We assure everyone that these products are worth every cent spent.

Once cooked, our pasta can be used in various different dishes and in every kitchen... from a restaurant kitchen to your kitchen at home.

Anyone and everyone will be able to enjoy the taste of Italy in our products.

About Our Supplier

The Barbieri pasta Factory was established in 1920 by Augusto and Erasmo Barbieri.
In the course of its long-standing activity, its products have always met the increasing favour and appreciation of consumers throughout Italy and the world.
Tha high standard of Barbieri's gastronomic specialties is the result of a constant and continuous commitment to quality in all phases of production, from the selection of only the best ingredients through to the final product.

Barbieri's pasta products whether made of durum wheat flour or white eggs, come in various traditional and special shapes and sizes.
But whatever the format, Barbieri pasta can invariably be distingued thanks to its unique quality, namely:
It's rigorously selected, top-of-the-range, quality controlled ingredients! In fact, the flour, the eggs and every other ingredient are thoroughly analyzed and only the best go into making Barbieri pasta.
Additional chemical, nutritional and hygienic controls are also carried out to ensure the consumer a truly superior product.
Particular attention is given to controlling the quality and quantity of the gluten in the semolina as well as to its granulometry, so as to guarantee only the finest flour.

Throughout production, various other controls are also carried out including the determination of humidity levels during drying.
Moreover, thorough inspection are conducted to check the appearance, texture and quality consistency of the various shapes and sizes of pasta.
On the verge of the 21st century, the Barbieri pasta Factory has acquired new technology and made considerable investments in modernizing and expanding its manufacturing facilities.
Ever careful to maintain the high level of its long-standing legacy, Barbieri is nevertheless equally committed to innovating its production techniques and methods, so that both quality and tradition may successfully move together into the future.

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